Prominent Toronto graphic designer Theo Dimson died this week. Known for his Art Deco-style movie and theatre posters, he’s remembered as one of the most creative and innovative graphic designers in the world.
Dimson was born in London, Ontario, on April 8, 1930. He studied at Toronto’s Ontario College of Art and Design, graduating in 1950. He spent much of his career and life in this city.
Colleagues say he had a “certaine joie de vivre“ that continued into his later years. In 2010, when Dimson was 80 he was described by Marian Bantjes, a member, with Dimson, of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, as someone who was “Exuberant, willful, and seems filled with delight of the world.”
His LinkedIn description lists him as “Supreme Being Retired after 50 years of love, joy & laughter at Theo Dimson Design Inc.” Dimson started the eponymous design firm in 1985 after 35 years of experience at prominent firms across the city.
Dimson was internationally recognized and received awards and accolades in books and magazine articles in countries around the world. His last show was a retrospective of his work in February 2010 titled “Distinctly Different—The Theatre Posters of Theo Dimson” at the Theatre Museum Canada.
He is the author of Great Canadian Posters and has also created stamps for Canada Post.